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LinkedIn to launch InkedIn in India

06, Mar 2014 By sanjay

Inspired by the ink throwing episode on Subrata Roy, professional networking site Linkedin is going to launch an India specific version called InkedIn.

The site will be launched with the caption, India’s largest unprofessional network, a person familiar with the development said.

Person who threw ink on Subrata Roy

“India is a great market for unprofessional services like throwing ink, slippers, eggs, tomatoes and stones. So for the sector is very unorganised. We are trying to make it organised through this service,” a Linkedin official said.

He also said with elections around the corner there has a huge demand for such services.

“India has lot of haters in all category be it life, politics, entertainment, business, sports, media. We can be a category winner in each of these through this service,” said another official.