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Liftman becomes the latest 'most desirable job' beating God-man and politician

02, Dec 2013 By Baawra Chhora

Old are those days when a job of massage or body-paint used to be the most lucrative ones. The recent happening has completely changed the trend , at least in India, or at least according to the famous employment magazine.

Dream job.

‘Rozgar nirachar’ which is regarded as India’s second largest youth magazine after ‘Rozgar Samachar’ has come up with this finding after they conducted an ‘internal survey’.”The raw data of survey is available on our website , it is there for anyone to see “, said the editor from the magazine.

There was a tough fight between Liftman, Godman and politicians but thanks to multiple acts by Youvan Sexpal which initially went unnoticed, people have now found this job as most lucrative. As reported by our correspondents, people are leaving their 7-figure paying jobs to apply for post of liftmen.

Certainly, the vacancies in buildings of media houses are more sought after, especially those without CCTV watch. MHRD has claimed that indeed it is this particular job that has caused a reverse brain-drain and they seem ‘happy’ about it.

Meanwhile several God-men and politicians have objected to such findings. “How can lift man take away the repute that we have build over the years, by the efforts of our devoted practitioners like Nirasha kaam and ND Ghewari ?” said an angry politician-cum-Godman who was about to come up with his own survey regarding the same. It seems the runner-ups find it difficult to digest as to how a ‘kal-ka-chokra(liftmen job)’ can take away their supremacy.