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Lifetime topper fails dengue blood test; devastated

04, Feb 2014 By Tanuj Khosla

Aurangabad: Up until yesterday Kaiwalya Kishore Patel had never failed a test in his life. A topper throughout the twenty-seven years of his existence, today Kaiwalya is a shattered man. Reason: He has failed for the first time in a test – in the blood test for Dengue.

A test that he hoped to pass with flying colours.
A test that he hoped to pass with flying colours.

For the past fifteen days, Kaiwalya had been suffering from high fever, intense body ache and unbearable pain in his joints. His mother Sushilaben dismissed the symptoms as the ‘side-effects’ of his recent marriage. However she got concerned when she saw him going through the same even when her daughter-in-law was away at her parent’s place. Carefully eliminating every other ‘suspect’ behind these symptoms, she concluded that Kaiwalya might be suffering from dengue.

She promptly arranged for a blood test the following day and informed him about it. The moment Kaiwalya heard the word ‘test’, there was a sudden burst of energy in his shivering body. He spent the whole night mugging information and facts on dengue and by morning could tell the number of cases diagnosed in each country of the world each year for the last twenty years.

However none of this ‘knowledge’ got test at the diagnostic centre and Kaiwalya felt bitter at being quizzed ‘out of syllabus’. As expected by him, he failed the blood test.

His mother has been crying buckets since then. Kaiwalya himself has been inconsolable even though he eyes haven’t shed a single tear. He has been bitterly cursing himself for not studying harder.

He would never admit but deep down he would now feel even more inferior to his elder brother, Nalwaya Kishore Patel who apart from being a lifetime topper as well, is also the inventor of solar powered nightbulb. He has never failed a test in his life, how would Kaiwalya face him now??

Faking News caught up with Tanuj Khosla, its in-house expert on such issues. “I completely understand Kaiwalya’a pain.” said Tanuj while having walnut muffin with lime pickle, “Studying the entire night before and then failing the exam can really hurt. I have experience this first-hand which is why I gave up studying before the exam altogether. All I can advise Kaiwalya is to pick himself up and give his best for the stool and urine tests that shall take place shortly and pass them with flying colours. Those are his only chances at redemption.”