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Liberals cry intolerance as government tightens the noose around Mallya

10, Mar 2016 By Confused Chemist

New Delhi: The king of good times may be in for some hard times as the ED, CBI and the lending banks today went ahead with coordinated action against Vijay Mallya, whom they have labelled as a willful defaulter. We tried to reach Vijay Mallya himself to know his views on this. Mallya spoke to Faking News (FN) from an undisclosed location outside India. “This is outrageous”, he began his interview with. “Why don’t they believe me when I am saying that I will return all their money. And what is all this fuss about unpaid salaries of KFA employees? Go and ask the beautiful calendar girls or my servants in my Goa villa whether or not they get salaries on time”. He further added that he felt NDA government was going after him just because he was nominated to Rajya Sabha by Congress and that it was a clear case of political vendetta.

The willful Vijay.
The willful Vijay.

Meanwhile in Delhi, there was growing unrest amongst intellectuals and liberals who saw this as a case of state overreach. Many of whom FN spoke to, questioned government’s motives in going after Mallya. “After all, what business does government have meddling into affairs of a private company” lamented one of them. Varundhati Soy, eminent leftist scholar and author of award winning book, ‘Demon of big things’ spoke to FN. She said, “This government although democratically elected, is behaving autocratically. This episode can be likened to the recent JNU incident where the government went after poor Kanhaiyya and his friends unnecessarily. As Kanhaiyya and other students are free to shout and do whatever they want and you cannot impose your idea of nationalism on them, so also Mallya is free to run KFA in as reckless manner as he wants and the government has no right to impose its idea of corporate governance on him. This is a clear case of intolerance and we are planning candle march against it, at India gate, tomorrow” she added.

A senior Congress leader who did not want to be named also had a similar opinion. He said that government had failed on all fronts and these were diversionary tactics to avoid people’s anger. He strongly criticized the government saying that the government had mishandled the issue. He said, “During UPA times we did all that we could to save struggling companies. Our prime minister had said that the private airlines needed to be managed efficiently and if they still got into trouble, ways should be found out to help them. Accordingly, we kept helping such loss making companies. If we had been in power today, we would have come up with a scheme similar to MNREGS called ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rejuvenation of Entities Grappling with Debt Scheme’ (MNREGDS) through which we would have infused more and more capital into KFA till it returned to profitability. Can you imagine a more efficient use of tax-payer’s money? This way even capitalism is socialistic”. He further added that Mallya’s lifestyle was not the crux of the matter, and what mattered most was saving KFA.

FN gave special weightage to this news, though many in print and electronic media were not as excited. NDTV ran a special program on how AOL 35th anniversary celebrations was ruining Yamuna floodplains as it found the government’s action against a 7000 crore scam rather insignificant.