Sunday, 25th February, 2018

LHB coaches dwarf rlys safety level

24, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When rail accidents are not going to stop for the safer journey, the very use of German technique LHB coaches have come to the rescue of the passengers. The railways made it clear how the LHB coaches became instrumental in minimising the human losses in the recent derailment of the Kaifiyat Express near Auriyya. Although the railway has increased its production since 2014-15 yet its numbers have not been meeting the requirement.

The Link Halfman Bush coaches body is completely based on the honeycomb know-how which facilitates the absorption of the extra force developed after the sudden mishap. Despite applying the emergency brake the bogies were not flying up onto other bogies. This remained the main point in saving the human lives otherwise the deaths would be as much horrendous as was seen during the fateful accident of the Utkal Express.

Beginning with the Swarn Shatabdi Express its use in trains is increasing in spite of limited capacity. The modern coach made under this technique remains far lighter than the normal coaches. More than 4000 coaches of this quality are required every year that’s why the production at the Kapurthala based rail coach factory needs to be augmented. Its fabrication has been increased from 564 in the year of 2014-15 to 1268 in the year of 2017-18. This number is supposed to increase up to 1600 in the year of 2018-19. Whereas the number of ICF coaches is continuously decreasing in the past six years.

During the discussion on rail accidents, the political persons indulge in head-on arguments over maligning one another and forget the discussion at the strengthening of the safety norms. They also forget that the common people die in all these accidents. It is they who cast their valuable votes in order to bring them the seats of power. They take the matter of accidents as their party matters. Is it not shameful and poignant?