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Lets Have Coffee co-founder beaten to almost death

03, Sep 2013 By ulkapind

Jammu. As per reports, it has been confirmed that party workers of PAID(Party Against India Dating) have beaten and threatened DJ(name not changed), co-founder of The scuffle started when the co-founder was found raising patriotic slogans “Free India, Free Dating” As per witnesses, some strange people came started beating the hell out of DJ. But he invited all of them for a cup of coffee to discuss matters amicably. Upon this the workers started yelling and asked what is this coffee coffee all about.

Upon explaining the idea, the workers apparently cooled down and asked if they can also join DJ, a very truthful person, as confirmed by millions of unreliable sources, told them that they can definitely join provided they are students and alumni of top colleges. This complicated the situation further since not a single party worker of any political party on India has passed XIIth exams without grace marks.

The event took a new turn when party members of PIP(Pseudo Intellectuals Party) started thrashing DJ when he was ready to leave. According to them the website is elitist and divides the Indian society in a big way. They also alleged that no college from Jammu and Kashmir was in the list and this was the reason why common man of Kashmir is joining JeD(Jamaat-e-Dating). DJ explained to them that he has no intention of dividing the already divided nation.

Things were settling down but before they could, five jhola clad people with large retro spectacles from Communist Party of India(Facebook) came up barging. They threatened that they will call China’s People Liberation Army for help which was conducting its high altitude table tennis championship on the Indian side of LAC at the time of this report.

The rumours also started coming from New Delhi where Mr Kutil Sibbal has assured activists from Kashmir that he will create 89000 IITs and IIMs in Kashmir Valley. These developments and along with pressure from film stars like Funkey Pandey and Jabran Baweja apparently abated the heated argument and the protesters allowed DJ to return home.