Monday, 26th February, 2018

Let legislatures follow Kiran Bedi

20, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Women’s safety is a very sensitive issue which is talked with much relevance. Even the election is fought on this very important matter. What comes afterwards is nothing effectual. It is this point which caused the unyielding Kiran Bedi to undertake the night-time scooter ride for inspecting the position of women safety. If she being the Lieutenant Governor can decide to take this initiative, why do not our elected lady legislatures follow her?

Her initiative is timely for the situation prevailing against the women. She certainly has the spirit and nerve to pursue a right way for understanding the real position. She even covered her face with the dupatta and took a round of the city in a state like Puducherry as the pillion rider. She remained in disguise and found the city reasonably safer at the night hours. She also expressed of bringing improvement in the existing condition. Her very attempt is worthy to be lauded. She instead of being very, very important person decided to move on the road incognito. She has presented an example for other such politicians to go after her daring method.

The lady politicians who cry so much for women’s welfare need to take on this path. It is only then they come to know of the exact condition of the worse situation existing in our country. Their step in that direction will strengthen ideals of a welfare state. If they are chosen by the people they ought to have submitted themselves to this act. They need not believe of execution of this feat is possible through the much-admired IPS lady only. Although the police personnel are considered the ablest group to make the public space safe for the women every time yet the grasp on the recurring incidents approved of slackness on this particular aspect.