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Leander Paes’ building kids refuse to play Cricket with him

18, Jul 2012 By ControlZ

After almost all Indian Tennis players refused to be paired with Leander Paes, to make him feel worse, his building kids have also refused to play cricket with him, in his society compound.

Most kids from Leander Paes’ Society have complained about him to their Parents who have raised the concern with the Society Secretary.

“Every time he takes a wicket, he carries my son and starts banging him on his chest! What kind of an excitement is this?” asked a furious Shailesh Bopanna, father of Rohit Bopanna, an 8yr old kid.

“He is a back stabber!” said Manish Bhupati, a 10 yr old kid, “He always takes a run off the last ball and I never get to bat! I will never get my bat next time onwards, if he comes to play!”

“He might be free all week long, but our kids get only a Sunday to play, and he spoils their day!” said yet another parent. He continued “His badminton has no future, that’s why he is jealous of our kids excelling in our National Sport!”

Kids are also angry on Leander, because he has pissed off the only girl in their group, Sania Patel. Sania Patel, from the neighborhood society, who used to come to play cricket with the kids, on special request, has stopped coming to play since the past 2 weeks.

“He used to tease her by saying that she gets out on the first ball everytime and used to call her Kachcha Nimboo” said the kids, visibly sad!

When asked by FN reporter, Sania said “As an Indian girl belonging to the 21st century, it is humiliating the way I was called an Unripe Lime. God knows what that means?!” Sania is 8 years old.

On the contrary, AITA has considered this as a positive sign saying “This is a good thing actually! Atleast now, Leander will focus on one sport at a time!”

The Parents of the kids have approached the Society Secretary, Mr. Pranab Goswami, who is considered as a Peace and Law Maker. Mr. Goswami has written a letter to Leander asking demanding for an explanation.

Meanwhile, Leander Paes refused to comment on this. Our sources say, he was busy reading some documents received from Mahesh Bhatt’s Office.