Monday, 19th February, 2018

Lean boy told to be strong for study

07, Oct 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: “You are growing to be dull. The answers remain unsatisfactory and questions are not attempted to some extent vacant. You seem to be neglecting your complete diet”, said the class teacher to the Class IV student on the Parents-Teacher meeting in the English-medium known school here recently. This impromptu remark of this strict teacher kept the little bashful student tight-lipped. Encircled by several parents the boy took note of his teacher’s every word making him aware of his weaknesses. She continued to insist on his improved diet adding that his improper habit would lead him undersized. What the teacher said about him used to be others’ stance knowing him fully well.

The nine-year-old schoolboy weighs only twenty kilograms presently. He is too lean and thin which become apparent by his bodily figure. He does not eat much despite the insistence of his elder sister who is a senior student at the St. Joseph’s here. He has developed a very erroneous routine of taking lighter food. His taste for vegetables is completely negligent. His lax nature in the matter of solid food annoys everyone at the home. But he seldom cares at that important point. His class teacher’s words would certainly bring change as it is possibly believed.

It is a fact that health is wealth. This signifies the hidden value of good physique. This maxim even contains a message with strong advice to every human. With the dominance of the fast foods, the children fall a prey to the taste of the packed items thereby rejecting the solid food. This causes them shun the traditional indigenous foods which at least keep them energetic and healthy. Only massive publicity of various items lures them and their concentration detaches from the usual intake of bread, pulse and rice. This is main concern persisting at present times.