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Leaked conversation: B-Schools Fun Committee

13, Jun 2014 By jaykalp

One fine day, some MBA colleges decided to have fun. Normally, they play stick and carrot with donkeys but decided it was high time they up scaled. So, they zeroed in on a few hapless MBA aspirants. For this revamp , a meeting of their Fun Committee, comprising of College X, College F and College I was called. Following are the leaked excerpts from the conversation that followed :

College I : Hey College X! Why MBA aspirants, dude ? I mean, they’ll lead a miserable life for 2 coming years anyway. Not to mention, they would be doing stuff there after which would contradict the very concept of “having a life” ?

College X : You see, donkeys are just so Before Christ. MBA Aspirants are the future. Besides, you wouldn’t notice a difference! It’ll be fun.

College I : Cool! How are we going to do this.

College X : First of all, we’ll waitlist a select few in College X.

College I : I’ve one more idea . I will screw up the examination process this year for the Exam C that I conduct.

College X : College I, Don’t you worry. It is Exam C we are talking about. You won’t need to work to screw that up. It is I who would need to botch up my otherwise transparent process.

College F : College X ! You waitlist students in your college every year. Where is the chaos in that?

College X : True. I’ll give out some buffer calls this time; something I haven’t done since like forever and will not release this information for like a month.

College I : Now we are talking. But what would College F do? I mean, it takes Exam C scores to shortlist candidates and releases results as if QuickSilver himself conducts the admission procedure.

College F : Yeah well, can’t do anything about that ! Though , I can delay the very commencement of admission process of my college to coincide with the Class commencement in other colleges.

College X : Very well , very well. We have our group of donkeys MBA aspirants now. These will be the guys that I waitlist in my college.

College I : I’ll see to it that most of the guys that you waitlist have low scores in Exam C. They won’t have anything to cling on to apart from a prospect of College X. We can’t leave anything to chance these days.

College F : And I’ll see to it that a few converts of College X also get called to my college. This will prolong the game with these waitlisters waiting till the end of June while the waitlist of College X moves slower than the IRCTC website takes to load.

College X : All right then ! Let the games begin !