Monday, 19th February, 2018

Leaked contents from budget 2017

31, Jan 2017 By Azhagan R Thiruppathi

We got some leaks on the Budget 2017. The main points are listed below.

To cut down the expenses there will be no ministers except the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. All the ministers will be dropped. All the portfolios will be managed by Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

Newspapers and magazines and even Government gazette will be closed. Only the communication will be done through Twitter. Prime Minster and Finance Minster will deliver all government orders by Twitter.

Mobile is the technology advancement. So all people must have mobile and pay data charges. As they would see the animation of crop cultivation.

Agriculture will be abolished. Mobile phones will be provided with apps on farming. The farmers can grow plants on virtual space with those apps. That app will be developed by PM Cell.

New vaccine for selective amnesia will be developed. This vaccine would make to forget all the yesteryear leaders.

The name of all state will renamed as Modi-1, Modi-2, and So on.

Prime Minister Office will be opened in all countries capital including Pakistan.

Prime Minister will be the BCCI President.

Prime Minister will be the Reserve Bank Governor.

Government will create apps for all students. So there will be no need for teachers. Each student will be provided will the free apps.

New e-aadhar chip will be inserted into all people. So all people activity will be easily monitored.

New bills passed in the budget session are

1. If a bill is brought up by PM then there will be no discussion. The bill gets automatically passed.

2. If a bill is brought by Finance Minister, there will also be no discussion. The Finance Minister will read it in parliament.

3. Prime Minister need not attend any parliamentary session.

4. The prime minister will not meet any Indian MPs.