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League of Extra ordinary terrorists –Kasab meets Abu Jindal.

16, Sep 2012 By thenali

Mumbai, August 3, 2012. Kasab and Jindal have finally come face to face; Media houses have been breaking their heads to get hold of the secret conversation,In the meantime our master minded journalist was able to extract the conversation between Kasab and Jindal, the same has been published exclusively for our readers.

Kasab: Hey brother wassup. Long time no see.

Abu Jindal: Hey I am cool man, but have been jet lagged, pretty scared and was going around few places worrying about being caught.

Kasab: Worrying about being caught? , You have gotta be kidding me. I thought I was wasted for life, Thanks to you, I could not have settled better.

Abu Jindal: But I was worried whether I would be hanged if I get caught?

Kasab: Hanged? , well may be half of its true. I just hang out here, but brother u will not be hanged. Trust me, I have been here and we have our rights. What do you think this is, Pakistan?

Abu Jindal: Relieved a bit after talking to you.

Kasab: Don’t worry brother; you will be completely back to normal in sometime

Abu Jindal: I don’t believe you have changed so much and you have put on some weight than the last time I saw you.

Kasab: You see the guys out there guarding me , I am living la vida loca . hey you should taste the Biriyani they give you here , better than all things I have tasted back home.I love this place a lot . India is the secret of my energy.

Abu jindal: But still don’t you think these people are cruel because they don’t give you any entertainment.

Kasab: Well talk about the devil , Our brother called back from home and told me that they are sending our national cricket team to play here in India . I have asked brother to pack some jelabi and give it to the team and they shall drop it on the way , Too bad they don’t have the match in Mumbai , have been told can’t goto other venue to watch the match , but I am hopefull of getting a HD DTH connection in here . We woulld have balls of Fun .

Abu jindal : Hey you have been here quite sometime , Why don’t you try and push a little bit and try find a ticket to any one of the match , It’s been quite sometime we have been outdoors ?

Kasab: Well even I thought about it , But the thing is there aint no safety nowadays , Not sure who is bombing who or which idiot is going to be on a killing spree with guns . That is why I have the boys out there getting me protected from all those unwanted things , I have got a lot of things to do in my life , Why would I risk it ?

Abu Jindal : True , The safety and comfort of a home is a bliss . By the way there is also another mission that has been planned to be executed in sometime . Our boss wanted to know whether you would be interested to be a part of it ? , You know you have got hands on experience.

Kasab : Brother , Do you even see what is happening here . do I look like someone who would screw myself after all these? Don’t even talk about it , I am filling out my petition for presidential pardon and planning to get my Citizenship here in quite sometime. Take the advise from your brother , These people here will forgive you for anything that you do . Let us also give some opportunity for our brothers out there who could settle in here just like us .

Abu jindal: You do make some sense , but I am still not convinved that whether we are betraying our country.

Kasab: Betray ? come on , You must have got your brains drained down in a flush , I am still screwing lots of people their money . Where do you think all the money comes for me and my protection. I have sponsorship of 120 Crores of morons , I am still screwing them with all my capabilities . Pleasure of two for the prize of one.

Abu jindal : Way to go brother . I thought I have trained you , but pardon me , I have to take lot of lessons from you.

Kasab: Trust me this is only half of what I have learnt , You shall meet some of the babus in India by next time , they inspire me a lot . Time has run out this time . keep in touch and feel at home.