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Law passed to safeguard Indian male engineers' interests

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

The hero of all Indian male engineers, Liquid. A still of his harassment from the movie Pyar ka Punchnama.

New Delhi. Soon after the rising unrest among male engineers across the nation regarding them being discriminated in various walks of life, HRD Ministry has passed a new law to protect their undermined interests.

The unrest went ablaze throughout the country after the release of much acclaimed movie “Pyar ka punchnama” among the male youth of the country in 2011. The frustrations of an Indian male engineer ‘Liquid‘ in the movie is supposedly said to have been the root cause of this uprising as most male viewers of the movie , especially engineers, were able to relate to him in some or the other way.

The law prohibits girls in engineering colleges to date more than one boy within a span of two years, the same idea which was purported by the protagonist of the movie.

This way the ‘date-able’ girls in engineering colleges will not be able to be wayward,moody,adamant and show their importance in their attitude towards other guys just because they had lots of options to date in college, reason being paucity of girls in engineering colleges and thus a crooked demand-supply graph to girls’ advantage.

The law enactment has created discontent among the girls, but at the same time, boys of engineering colleges are jubilating. A distraught Monika hailing from Delhi , a student of M.Sc. in Cosmetics Technology, IIT Bombay said “This is not fair!! I studied hard to get into IIT among my other female school classmates, who went instead to DU. I am a good looking girl and that too in IIT, so i should have the right to date as many guys as i wish and i deserve to be treated like a ‘goddess’ by my batch-mates.”

“After this law is passed who will do my assignments, who will make notes for me, who will teach me for exams, who will take me for dinners, who will take me for trips, who will listen to my daily problems,” she lamented. She is reported to have one friendzoned boy each for the above purposes in her batch apart from her mainstream boyfriend.

On the other face of it, Kushal, a B.E.(Hons.) Electrical and Electronics Engineering student from BITS Pilani, who is reported to not giving a rat’s ass to girls in his college because of their supercilious attitude, said “The act is aimed at conserving the declining interests of male engineers in the country.Most IIMs have given reservation to girls. Male engineer is now seemingly the most deprived community in the whole nation. Even after being in the top engineering colleges of the country, we find ourselves agonized and in the middle of nowhere. At least after this law, girls in our colleges would not be overbearing and nice to guys.”

The enactment of law is also being seen by some as vote bank politics by UPA due to upcoming 2014 Parliamentary elections, as in the past UPA has been allegedly giving reservations and favor to anyone and everyone who could be a boon to their vote count, considering the count of male engineers is exorbitant in the nation.

When asked about this, P.M. Manmohan Singh gave his signature remark “Theek hai”. Most reporters could not understand the meaning of his remark in this regard and thereby leaving it to an open interpretation.