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Last surviving Delhi gang-rape accused dies of heart attack at age of 86

10, Sep 2013 By mehulmania

In a really sad turn of events, the last surviving Delhi gang rape accused, Mukesh Singh, died of heart attack in a Delhi jail at the age of 86.

Young Mukesh Singh in 2012.
Young Mukesh Singh in 2012.

He was the last surviving of the 4 accused in the Delhi gang rape case that shook the nation, back in 2012. The other 3 accused, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Thakur had earlier died of various reasons at respective ages of 80, 74 and 84 awaiting trial.

Mukesh Singh’s lawyer was quick to express his grief over this tragic event.

“I have 3 children and 17 grandchildren. I am the only earning member of the family and while this case was running in the court, I had a steady income to support my family. Now that this case has finally come to an end, I don’t know what I will do to meet ends in this era of inflation.”

The warden of the jail, where Mukesh breathed his last said, “We did everything that we could to ensure that he would live till the court case came to an end. We gave him the best of food, best of comfort and all the luxuries one could possibly get, hoping for his long life, but finally all our efforts have gone in vain.”

However, admist all this grief, Justice Katju was seen extremely happy and elated on the developments. “Once again the Indian judiciary has delivered what was expected out of it”, Katju said.

“This is a good sign where precious time of the court was saved as the case ended prematurely without the final verdict,” he added.

The UPA-10 government has promised a compensation of 10 crores to Mukesh’s family as Mukesh died in police custody.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family members, who had long before given up on the judiciary were traced and asked to comment on the latest development. “We are happy that finally justice has prevailed,”  said Nirbhaya’s brother.

“We are thankful to all the concerned authorities for fast tracking the case of my sister, and thankfully I was able to see all the accused punished (by the almighty) in my lifetime.”

Meanwhile, the focus of the media has now shifted to the Asaram Bapu case who has once again been accused of molesting a minor girl at one of his ashrams last week. He has cleared a potency test that was conducted on him yesterday at the age of 150 when reports last came in.