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Large folks of doves with olive branches in their mouths crossed into Indian border from Pakistan, India puzzled

16, Sep 2012 By fakenewsindia

In the midst of exodus inciting bulk SMSs and ceasefire violations, the Indo-Pak border witnessed an astounding number of peaceful looking angelic white doves with olive branches in their mouths flocking into the Indian airspace from the Pakistan side. The doves having already inspired renditions of precursor to a never imagined era of peaceful coexistence between the “nuclear sisters” are being already worshipped as godly reincarnations and the Nobel committee is considering giving them the “Nobel Peace Prize.”

However there are different opinions. “No wonder peaceful creatures like doves are fleeing that wreckage of a war torn hellhole. The International Union for conservation of Nature (IUCN) should consider these doves as the last peaceful species in that country. Peace could not exist in Pakistan,” said a brigadier from the Wagah post.

Another jawan expressed his cynicism and anger, “Why don’t we send our majestic bird ‘The great Indian bustard’ to those *&%###*@ and teach them a lesson or two.”

According to a Pakistan’s official statement, there was never a send off of doves as a part of the “Aman ki Asha” campaign but the birds had shitted all over their parliament, Majlis –e- Shoora and the birds would be legally persecuted if they ever return. Pakistan has also warned India not to give asylum to her ‘enemy.’

However, the Indian army remains cautious and is considering a thorough study on the doves as they believe secret messages and bombs could be implanted in them. Some battalions have already termed them ‘angry birds’ and demanded clinical dissections – a news that had a very rankled Menaka Gandhi has expressing that it would be like her own son Varun Gandhi getting dissected.

There are also reports of reports of philosophical interpretations. “Mid August is no season for bird migrations. The “winds of change”, a peaceful change, is blowing in the air and how it has directed these winged “messengers of peace” into our country. Both the countries should read between the lines and should conclude this phenomenon as a peace building process directive. These kabooters have done what our politicians had failed,” said a god fearing Indian citizen at Pathankot.

The phenomenon has stirred up the consciousness of many all over the world, noted British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough is already studying the mating habits and faeces of the birds for his Discovery Channels’ programme. Actor Salman Khan , who reportedly loves the meat of the endangered bird Black buck, is also already set for a hunting trip.

While at Indian musical front the 80’s hit song ‘Kabootar Ja ja Ja’ is topping the Indian music charts in an unexpected retro revival movement.