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Lane driving in Hyderabad to be made mandatory

05, Dec 2013 By gaurav1143

In a sudden move, that is bound to raise a many eyebrows, Hyderabad Traffic police made it mandatory to drive in lanes and was also audacious enough to announce that it would fine those not abiding by it.

The city which boast to have a part of its family in US and other western countries finally seemed to have got it right with its haphazard traffic patterns. The IT crowd which makes the most of the cosmopolitan seems to be the worried lot.

“The only way I can reach my office on time is by overtaking autos, cycles, water tankers and RTC buses. And i need to change lanes every second to do that, I think now I need to start an hour early to cover a stretch of 1.5kms”, this was what Mr. Zigzag Singh had to share with us.

On conditions of anonymity, a resident of so called posh and litter ground Ayyappa society in Hitech city said that they were contemplating to form a huge group and represent their owes of lane driving in front of the Traffic police next week. Their group called as “Local Area Network Enthusiasts(LANE)” found many takers.

The latest update from our reporter says that they even have a user case ready with a high level diagram with a ppt clearly specifying the ill effects of lane driving. They are even going to propose a business case of making a software for HTP(Hyderabad Traffic Police) which would simulate more efficient un-lane driving, making the travel adventurous for all stakeholders(read drivers, passengers, pedestrians, hawkers and traffic police).

The bikers were another worried lot after this announcement. The only way hyderabadi youth knows to impress a girl is by criss-crossing the lanes of hyderabad. Mr. Yusuf Bahargaon, a lane changing enthusiast felt that his basic right of wooing a girl was violated and he found the new law extremely demeaning. However, he found some solace when he heard that his idol Salman Khan was still a virgin.

The RTC bus drivers however had a different take on this. Though available for comments, by and large they preferred not to as they thought it was a hoax call by Hyderabad traffic police. They said that like other rules introduced by HTP like cycling lane, following traffic rules, this new rule would be a squid too. The RTC bus drivers did not give a rats ass to this law, as they did to anything which travels on Hyderabad roads.

Meanwhile, the HTP is all prepared to take on this massive drive. They are planning to rope in BSF, CRPF, RAF, NSG, ITBP or any police force in the country to counter any defensive measures. They also plan to hire some raksha kawach (protective suits) to prevent being mowed by overs-speeding high end vehicles. The inspector in charge gave us all these details over phone as he drove his Qualis though busy corridors of Hyderabad.