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Land Acquisition Bill 2015 to allow acquisition from abandoned business properties in Greece

09, Jul 2015 By gauravchak

In a bizarre turn of events, Lok Sabha has recently passed the controversial Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill 2015 with a new provision that enables the government to acquire land for public purposes from recently abandoned business and residential areas in Greece.

Interestingly, this was passed without any opposition from any major community in Greece as the government had expected earlier. Greek PM, who was present in the Lok Sabha during the passage of bill, just said “no” as a gesture of opposition. As a mere ‘yes’ or ‘no’ doesn’t affect the Indian way of political functioning, the bill was passed virtually without any opposition.

PM Tsipras saying 'no' in Lok Sabha
PM Tsipras saying ‘no’ in Lok Sabha

The BJP spokesperson, elated and relieved after completing his daily dose of pornography, said that the government can now acquire land for all its public purposes, without any opposition from aimless leaders who claim to represent one community or another. A bewildered party worker outside the office, who had no clue what the bill was all about and dancing on the tunes of “keh ke lunga”, hailed this as the victory of the new government. “I am a trained Kathak dancer”, he shrieked while showing his terrifying moves to other unemployed workers. Political parties in India usually employ the unemployed and self-taught classical dancers to showcase the Indian culture.

A former party worker present at the moment said, “It would be an equally profitable venture to both the countries. Of course, Greece needs someone to run [scams on] the businesses which people are abandoning in large numbers.” On inquiring about the aspects of obtaining requisite permissions and actual acquisition of land as it might involve international community, the BJP spokesperson wittingly retorted, “we are not fools.The acquisition is done only on papers, no one would notice it in the first place. The acquisitions have never involved anyone from any community whatsoever.”

He further reiterated that even in India no one used to visit the actual site before acquiring them. In fact, according to him, no project has ever been started on the acquired land. Sometimes the farmers didn’t even notice that the government had acquired their land. It used to be a win-win situation. But acquisitions have become unsustainable in India as acquiring land even on papers is taxing on bribe collectors aka Members of Parliament, whose bribe collections have fallen way beyond the National Income.