Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Lalu looks at leaders' lines

27, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Politics is nothing more than the war of thrones. The politicians aim to acquire the power at all costs. That’s why they plan designs over and over again. In this execution, they seem to see the necessity of holding a big rally in their usual plan. Barring Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati other politicians showed their power with all their traditional style. An experienced leader like Lalu Yadav has openly spit his venom as expected. Since the Janata Dal (U)’s separation, he has been trying to strengthen his political position. He gets himself engaged in exploring avenues for securing his seemingly lost political eminence. Thus he sees the success of his vision through the rally venture. However, he has pinned hopes on all these leaders present at the big rally though the RJD and the BJP are differing on the matter of crowd.

Although the non-participation of various parties’ senior leaders from his proposed public meeting raises questions yet his experienced budge shows of opposition’s marriage in crisis at one platform. There is a new twist to his game as he has declared a war against the ruling party. Despite their absence from attending the rally the big leaders are assumed to be in touch with the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader. He does not feel absolutely cheated at this stage.The Congress Party’s Rahul Gandhi is not fleeing from the house but his visit to Norway hindered his participation.

When the people of Bihar are trouble owing to the acute flood situation, the RJD leaders organised the rally. This will possibly not bring political advantage. They needed to extend their helping hand to the distressed people that are more rational than overseeing the rally. If Tejasvi Yadav with his Bahubali image plunges into some good cause there is every chance of turning the table.