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Lalu gives Lok Sabha ticket to his pet buffalo

07, Mar 2014 By rmantha

Patna. Lalu Prasad’s daughter Misa, wife Rabri Devi, and Kissa his pet buffalo will contest the Lok Sabha general elections from Bihar on RJD tickets, a decision that has raised more than a few eyebrows.

Lalu Prasad Yadav
“Dhont ju dhare shay anything aghainst my bhainswa.”

It is of course perfectly understandable that he has given tickets to his wife and oldest daughter (his other eight children are underage and not eligible to contest elections yet).  After all Lok Sabha tickets are like cinema tickets so you obviously give them to your family members first, as Sonia-ji has pointed out many times!

But RJD supporters are aghast that Kissa his pet buffalo got a ticket.  Even more bizarre is this strange fact – Kissa does not actually exist.  It is an imaginary buffalo, a figment of Lalu’s imagination.

“Kissa is as much part of the family as Misa.  You see, they both have a connection to the time I spent in Jail” said Lalu.

Misa gets her unusual first name from the Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA), the law under which her father was jailed during Emergency.  Kissa is a more recent addition to the former first family of Bihar.   She owes both her birth and her name from when Lalu created imaginary livestock and fed them with government money during the Fodder Scam, for which he was given a jail sentence of five years.

When asked if Kissa was a real animal, Lalu became visibly upset.  “Of course she is real to me.  All those livestock in the so-called Fodder Scam are real to me.  She and her other imaginary friends are the source of all my wealth, as the Supreme Court has already said.  I explained to the Supreme Court that we only sanctioned fodder to these animals because they are like part of the family.  Especially Kissa,” he said.

“I have dared to give a party ticket to Misa and Kissa on bi-poplar demand,” Mr Prasad said today.  “My wife has been screaming “you are bi-Poplar bi-Poplar” for days now, and her demands were becoming unbearable.”