Tuesday, 20th February, 2018

Lady principal laughed virile laughter

06, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The recent cases of Chhoti katwa are a criminal offence as was revealed in a TV discussion. But the lady principal’s harassment of the school boy was sternly serious. A grave charge was levelled against the 52-year-old woman principal in Punjab. Disturbed with her pestering the 17-year-old boy’s parents along with many villagers felt no straight remorse in protesting at the school precincts. They accused the principal of taking undue advantage of their ward.

In the inquiry, she was prime facie found on the wrong side of the law. The allegation of physical harassment by a student brought the matter before the public. The thing which the social and legal norms establish as a barrier she in point of fact presented as a credential for her character. She must be feeling perpetual disgust standing before a large-sized mirror. When the student snubbed her advances towards him she out of anger struck off his name from the school’s record.

And from this point, all the story developed in an unhelpful direction. As it is done by an experienced educated woman, it is shameful and disgraceful. If a dog bites a man it is not out of the ordinary but when a man bites a dog it is breaking scoop. Just in the same way that diligent woman has deliberately crossed the Lakshman’s Rekha. Being a senior secondary school’s principal she was suspended not for dereliction of duty but for other effective reason.

Allegations were rather serious. Notably, this is not for the first time such instances mar the sacrosanct status of education temples. The suffering inflicted on boy’s minds is ample enough to show the awful glimpse of her huge and imbecile happiness. Over and above the boy made an actual complaint against bad manners. She was educated and possessing a strong sense of wrong doing.