Friday, 27th April, 2018

After Kuch Nahi, now Spirit of Mumbai the most wanted liquor brand

30, Oct 2017 By Yash Marwah

Spirit of Mumbai, the much awaited liquor brand has now hit the bars and liquor shops. To add to the fun, it will also be available on dry days. It was difficult to interview the founders as they were helping people stuck in the floods followed by a pipeline burst due to metro construction. They changed their launch venue to Milan Subway, to commemorate the lives and vehicles lost in all the previous floods there since independence 210 to be precise.

“The spirit of Mumbai, is not only a spirit. It is THE spirit. People can drink it in trains while travelling, we have exclusive accessories that make it feasible to sip while stuck in a local, in a traffic, in a flood, in a fire, in a pothole, or whatever.”

The Shiv Sena has asked the Centre to make it tax free in all the nations.

“Gujarat must also be allowed to taste the spirit of Mumbai. Don’t they come here everyday to earn money?” said one of the leaders who did not want to be named.

There is a huge support from Mumbaikars for this brand, especially from people who lost their loved ones in any tragedy in the past. A family of a bomb blast victim plan to order crates, just to make sure, their loved one know they are remembering the spirit of Mumbai, even on his death anniversary.