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Kolkata police plans to hire private tutors to discipline wrong doers

24, Jul 2014 By arijith

Kolkata. Kolkata Police is planning to hire private tutors to handle wrong doers in the city and the outskirts after their abilities were proven in recently released CCTV footage.

After a lady private tutor was filmed badly beating up a child in Kolkata, the city’s police force is keen on employing such talent to handle thieves and pickpockets as they consider such talent is “utterly misplaced”.

Misplaced talent.

A well placed source said, “The plan to implement this is being chalked out. Not only can such highly talented people be useful in maintaining order in the city but can also help us train our cadets for extreme situations.”

When asked about such actions on children being condemned by the law, the source told us that these events will be handled independently.

This will also help to handle unemployment in the state. As of now, a few tutors have already been identified to lead the charge, and more will soon be recruited on the basis of their abilities.