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Kolkata High Court criminalises same breed sex among dogs after review of section 377

12, Dec 2013 By Mike

Kolkata. Following the Supreme courts’ decision to set aside Delhi High Courts order of decriminalizing  sexual relations between persons of the same-sex, Kolkata high court went a step ahead and made sex between dogs of same breed a criminal offence.

Criminals as per new law?
Criminals as per new law?

A bench of justices A. M. Ahmad and S. D. Sangvi upheld section 377 of the IPC and added a new dimensionality to the definition of unnatural sex. Both admitted that prohibiting same breed sex in animals would give a clear signal to the people, that anything “unnatural” would be prohibited by law. They further stated that same breed sex led to unnatural dogs and India being a cross cultural society required more mongrels to represent its diversity.

Dog lovers and breeders simultaneously broke down in court.

Dog breeder S. M. Joshi commented “Disallowing dogs to choose their own partners is a violation of fundamental dogrights. Every dog must be free to choose their own orientation, whether it be towards the same breeds or cross breeds”

Meanwhile the guard dog at the Rashtrapati Bhavan had to say this with a sniffing tone, ” BOW WOW, BOW WOW, WOFF WOFF”. Expert analysts translated this as, “Contempt of court is undesirable. It’s better not to comment as the Court will keep passing judgements like this and the country will slowly go to the dogs (no pun intended)”

Facebook and other social media sites immediately erupted into a warplace amongst conservative and liberal dog lovers.

Meanwhile, NGO Dogystyl founder, Mr. Alam Dal remarked, ” I am very disappointed with this judgement. In a time when the rest of the world is looking forward,  we are blocking progress.” He demanded that the 1861 legislation, by which section 377 and its interpretation, is a criminal offence be changed immediately.