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Kolkata girl nominated for World Record for dressing up in just 5 minutes

25, May 2015 By Dreamm_Gal

The whole country is proud of Preeti, who recently managed to carve a niche by getting her name nominated for Guinness World Record. According to sources, on Friday night she dressed up in just 5 minutes for a surprise party.

Preeti’s husband (yet to recover from the shock) has claimed that the woman in his house is not his wife, as his wife used to take 3 hours just to comb her hair. He explained to Faking news that how he informed his wife 3 hours before the party time and went to movie in a nearby cinema hall. He said he strategically planed that his wife will get ready in at least 3 hours and then he will collect her for the surprise party.

Preeti could decide in just 5 minutes!
Preeti could decide in just 5 minutes!

Preeti’s children claimed that their mom is nominated just because of them. They said, they were collectively shouting for the past five hours and she desperately wanted to get rid of them and dressed up in 5 minutes.

However, her mother in law had a different story to tell. She said Preeti was so much in panic due to recent tremors in the city. That day when she started to get ready for the party she felt the mirror is shaking, totally frightened she ran out of the house and called her husband and could not speak much due to fear. And everybody thought she was ready for the party.

Meanwhile Preeti’s colleague uploaded a video on you tube saying that Preeti had this idea of surprise party for past one week and thus she started preparing. She booked 3 sittings in parlor and that very day when her husband called to get ready, she just returned from Parlour. She was pleading to media for not considering her for this award.

Preeti’s parents are so happy and feeling proud of her. Her dada said, “if Vivek Oberoi can be given Dada Saheb Phalek Award then why not this award to Preeti”.

When entire nation was debating whether Preeti deserves the award or not, Salman khan tweeted that Preeti will soon get justice like him.

However, many are against Preeti’s nomination; especially ultra rich housewives of business tycoons. They are raising their concerns that only work they have is to get ready for the parties. They definitely have a valid point. According to them, these activities will spoil the years earned image of women and raise the expectations of men.

Meanwhile, movie actress Deepika Padukone has written an open letter and asked what’s wrong if she dressed in 5 minutes, men should learn to bear women in their ugly looks too. Speaking more in favor of Preeti, Deepika has announced that very soon she will be releasing Part 2 of “My choice”.