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Koknastha Brahmins (Kobra) and Deshashtha Brahmins ( Debra) fight hard for their rights

28, Jun 2014 By tgates

Pune: Kobra’s and Debra’s organized a huge rally from ShaniwarWada to Balgandharva square last Sunday to fight for their rights. The rally was majorly constituted by Kobra women who are now married into Debra families and Debra women who married Kobra households.

Our correspondent Ramakrishna Nene met one of the protestors who had her maternal surname as Pathak to understand the issue. Here’s what she said – “I have been married for the past 2 years now and it is very difficult to get used too many problems. I will tell you about one of these issues, my in-laws have a tendency to use too much of sugar and jaggery in their meals. Whatever be the recipe, it is never complete without liberal use of either sugar or jaggery.”

In wake of CM Chavan recently doling out reservations and assembly elections being around the corner, most of the Kobra’s and Debra have decided to turn opportunists and look for political intervention. They said there’s a fair chance their demands could be met in such a political scenario.

Ramakrishna Nene further met a woman who was visibly disturbed. On asking her the cause of her worry, she said – I married my husband after dating him for about a year or so. But he never mentioned that none his family members have peculiar eyes which I call “ghare dole”. In my family almost everyone has this trait. It was quite a shock on my marriage day when I was able to uncover this secret. I have been worried since then. We asked the two ladies we spoke with to list one demand each that featured high on priority. The demands were as –

1. When there’s a kobra wife in Debra household: For 45% of the weekdays and occasions where both families meet together, the Debra household must wear lenses that have “ghare doley”.

2. When there’s a Debra wife in kobra household: For 60% of the year, the use of jaggery and sugar must be reduced. Not only this will result in savings but take care of good health of the entire family also.

We learnt that some of the women in the group were great friends of each other. When asked about their husband’s view on the issue, we were told that there was a parallel gathering in progress at a lounge over cans of beer.

We hope there will be a quick solution to this painful issue and that it will be sorted well in advance before the December-2014 marriage season kicks in.