Thursday, 26th April, 2018

KMC employees go berserk

27, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Thumb impression for the biometric attendance system at Kanpur Municipal Corporation headquarters got disrupted owing to the employees going suddenly out of control. Until that time the students used to be afraid of nonattendance. But at this time the employees are worried about the biometric attendance system.

From the central government offices to the state govt offices this mode is by and by being enforced. It is becoming a normal process in the offices. The most recent use of this advanced modern method has been planned for the Municipal Corporation.

More than 1000 municipal employees appeared for the recording of their respective thumb impressions through the purposefully designed small-sized machines. The department allocated for this duty was ably obtaining employees’ thumb impression on the computer. The staff employees were diligently uploading the data into the computerised system. The municipal employees were determined to provide the essential thumb impression as early as it could be completed.

But soon their patience gave way as the crowd mentality explodes more often. Every employee in the line was desperate to finish the thumb impression exertion within the stipulated time. But what took place was beyond their imagination. It all expanded in seconds or minutes. In the meantime, there was uproar and manhandling all around the headquarters of the Municipal Corporation. This situation forced the staff to suspend the ongoing work regarding thumb impression. What a scene was created!

The KMC employees exchanged verbal tussle for being disciplined. Their action was entirely exposing their rude mannerism. They definitely lost their tempers while standing in the line.  Was their distinct attitude corroborated with the service code? There was disruption up to one complete hour as was disclosed by the Incharge Pervez Khan. The work later resumed at the changed spot. This will continue until the year’s last day.