Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Kiss of Love, the new rage of 'enlightened' youth

11, Nov 2014 By pareshanatma

With the new rage of Kiss of Love trending, Faking News reporter caught up with some protesters. Here are some quotes.

1) “This is the new freedom struggle we have initiated. You will soon see freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh being born out of this struggle”.

2) “Swachch Bharat abhiyan is sham. We youth do not have time for  those unimportant protests. We are involved in more constructive and nation changing protest.”

3)”This is our birth right to kiss. We will kiss till our last breath.”

4)”Even street dogs are allowed to mate in public. Do we have even less right than dogs? Why this hypocrisy?”

5)”This is the new youth awakening. Ab is desh ka youth jaag gaya hai.”

and last but not the least.

6) “Yahi to scam hai jee. Isi ke khilaf to humari ladayi hai.”