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Kiss of love movement, moves to a bikini parade, patronizing basic freedom rights

14, Nov 2014 By ajeeb

Taking clues from heinous social networking platforms norms, #KissOfLove campaigners have taken another noble cause to act upon, this time it is a bikini parade that will be showing the campaigners’ dedication towards, basic human right of ‘freedom’.

The inspiration is believed from a tweet, that made them organize this noble parade in front of the Jama Masjid, If the tweet is to be believed (as the campaigners did), there is a fatwa issued against against bikini by Shahi Imam.

Representative Image
Representative Image

“To ostracize this sort conservative thinking, we are opening up a new room for activists to act, people should know their rights, freedom is a basic right of everybody, females are lagging behind only because they cannot walk freely wearing bikini on busy streets, this movement will help in empowering women across the nation, the vision of Mr. Rahul Gandhi will be fulfilled by this step of ours. On 31st February of the coming year there will be a bikini drive in front of Jama Masjid and that’s’ the bottom line,” told Mr Chichora Diwedy, prime advocate behind this move, revealing the nobleness and innate purity of his initiative. “As we are part of a secular nation, not only masjid, also, there will be a bikini drive in front of Akshardham temple and Bangla Sahib Gurudwara,” Chichora added, claiming his initiative didn’t pop out as an lewd answer to the tweet, his visions are way beyond social platforms.

“Kiss of love campaign is a movement that stands still with movements like ‘Dandi march’, look, how it is spreading throughout the country and baffling antisocial activists like RSS, I was the one who got kissed the maximum number of times, and at almost all the places the movement was on. I am also going to be leading this bikini drive. If you have got a vision, I am none other than Mother Teresa, working for innocent people.” Said, a furious, Bholi Kumari, explaining her importance in opening the eyes of our conservative society. “I have also ordered so many sets of bikini that I am going to wear in the parade, good days are coming ahead.” Added a pouting bholi.

Meanwhile, as expected, this news has become an eye opener for lecherous men, thousands of voyers have been spotted started setting up small business shops, in front of the Jama masjid entrance. Mr. Kamaal Ka Khan, adjusting his crotch watch , said, “Ab yahan india main ye sab mahan morche kahan dekhne ko milte hai, Ye sab janta ki bhalayi k kaam to maine abhi tak TV pe hi dekhe the,abki baar asal main dekh kar bhawuk hounga.”( We don’t get to see this sort of noble movements in India, Social movements were only limited to televisions,Now, I have an opportunity to witness a live movement,Though,I’ll get emotional.)

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