Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Kindle to replace holy books in courts

09, Dec 2013 By fakeer

The tradition of witnesses swearing on holy book is getting a tech upgrade in India. A senior official has said courts will be procuring kindles to replace hard cover holy books in next year.

“In the past courts have struggled to keep track of  all the holy books of different religions. There has been number of cases in which witnesses have hesitated to tell the truth due to absence of their holy book. With easily downloadable ebooks, we can guarantee 99.99% truth in the court ” says senior official from ministry of law and justice. “We are looking for a technology partner to achieve  this by April 2014. We are yet to decide whether to download the complete book or the just the cover pages “

This eco friendly act has been welcomed by environmental activists across the country. “This is a great  first step to make courts become paperless in the future. Looking at the number of crimes reported in india, courts becoming paperless should save lot of trees” said Ravi Saptahari from Ped Bachao.

UPDATE: After the motion to end Bible oaths in court was defeated, the UK government has considered to implement the same.