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Kindergarten dropout claims that he is the Father of Engineering, Medicine and Political Science

17, Jun 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: This news report is about Mr. Keshav Rao, a kindergarten dropout who claims to be the “Father of Engineering, Medicine and Political Science” as per the name board outside his home, business shops and in his business cards.

The photographs of his name board started appearing in local Mumbai Facebook groups and immediately, went into a chain reaction that ended up in the mailbox of scientists of various fields. International Engineering Consortium, ECDC, CIA and many other think tanks of the world were amazed by the claim of this sweet shop owner from the suburbs of Mumbai. Even Yogendra Salim Yadav was perplexed by this announcements, he being a pasapesaphologist for so many years.

Keshav Rao claims that Albert Einstein is not the Father of modern Physics, but Father of Hans Albert and Eduard Tete

Faking News was the first to interview his relatives and friends about this amazing superhuman, who managed to be the Father of the three most active fields in near history, even after being a kindergarten dropout at school.

First, we visited his business spot, the Rao Khao Sweet shop. Keshav was not there on a business day, which we guessed, would had been due to his research work in some part of the city. Chottu, the assistant boy, gave us delicious sweets. When enquired about the shop owner, he said, “That idiot would be drinking somewhere or roaming around the city chewing pan.” When asked about the name board outside the shop, Chottu gave a chuckle and told us to leave. We were shocked by the reaction of his employee.

Baffled, we went to his neighbourhood and searched for his brother-in-law Madhava Rao. We found him fighting with another man in the street and we tried to settle the dispute. A sweating Madhava replied harshly on questions about Keshav, “Do not talk about that loafer to me. He is the reason why my sister is crying every day. He does not even know how to take care of his wife. Spending all day on seeing Television or boozing.” Later, we found that Madhava was actually fighting with the man who had lent him money five years back and had asked for return of it.

The two incidents increased our curiosity. It is a well known fact that scientists and geniuses of the world were once abused and teased by their friends and family. But, once they come to know of the magnitude of their scientific discovery, they were the ones who would sing praises. We managed to reach Keshav’s home, where he was sitting and watching highlights of old cricket match.

After much requests, he agreed to answer that million dollar question – ‘how he managed to become Father of three fields without studying in it’. He laughed incessantly for twenty seconds and then called his three sons.

“Dekho, this eldest boy, I named him Engineering. Second boy, I named him Medicine. And the shortest one, still walking with diapers, he is Political Science. And who am I?” was his questions. For which, we had to answer involuntarily, “Father of Engineering, Medicine and Political Science”.  A suddenly emotional Keshav wiped his tears and said, “Many years back, school kids who used to come to my mitai shop used to discuss about Father of this field, that field etc. I always wanted to become such person who will be discussed by young kids, but I did not even go past two years in school. How can I do it? So, I brilliantly named my sons as those fields, so that I am now “Fathers” of those fields. “

Unable to comprehend how the world will react to this news, we left Keshav’s home with relief that he did not name any of his children as “Nation”.