Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Kids suffering from attention deficit

17, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Famous poet John Milton writes, “Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day.” His visualisation cannot be rejected altogether. The kids’ innocent words really convey something extraordinary. Their oft-repeated queries make our lives light.  Every so often innocent children speak something so endearing and engaging before their elders. Not only they remain righteous & virtuous but also demonstrate varied hues of innocence commonly. There is, of course, no paradox if we find among the children such emotional, distinctive natural qualities. Who can deny their innocent naive expressions endearingly making life comfortable? That was why Ghalib wrote, “Ghar Se Masjid Door Hai, Chalo Kucch Yeu Kar Lein, Kisi Rotey Huey Bacchey Ko Hasanya Jaye.”

Failing to attend a marriage ceremony at his grandmother’s relative because of his eye injury, an eight-year-old Saad asked his mother a very innate question. He questioned, “Has the grandmother sent him the special delicious items which he missed to chomp through. If she has sent the provisions, the starter items are enclosed herewith. She replied how the starter items could be sent herewith. These items finished the same night. His mind was working differently. That’s why he put up the question that way. He did not realise that the starter items are not prepared in sufficient quantity. It was with similar purity we used to view of a TV advertisement showing a popular Bollywood actress gulping down a glassful of soft drink grippingly. She could not resist drinking hurriedly. She was heard saying had she not emptied the glass, the soft drink would have turned out angry.

Nonetheless, there is no complicatedness in comprehending how immediately the innocent kids change their ideas through fast spiralling and heaving cranium. Children have their own tendency. They are easily swayed by their innocence.  They remain inclined to go to the school but unwillingly. It is their innocent attitude which hampers them to perceive the disadvantage of this approach. Whatever little time they save from their childish tendencies spend enjoying the beauty sleep. Their receptiveness and approachability begin to mock at each other. However, precocious children indulge in the pointless activities. It is because of their inattention they are not making a good grade in their examinations. When the class teachers learn of their aversion to studies, they certainly get surprised. That is why they are not bringing academic improvements.

What were they thinking actually? In their impromptu responses, several children answered queries. A class III student, Saad said that he used to be quick in the completion of his homework but ticked off extra studies. He did not overall reject his manner of devoting scant time to his daily study. Another child Ibrahim apprised of a wholly different view regarding his proclivity to homework. He was yet to know that the school going was not a temporary practice. So he asked his mother to allow him a break from school. Stunned with unexpected notice his parents were continuously trying to grasp the common sense. While one girl gets distracted from the study the moment her parents’ diverted to other matters. Her attitude is not far different from her peer group. Uzaifa, a little student, also admitted of his inattention towards the bookish knowledge and devoted enough time to play with his friends. He takes more interest in killing time than study, says his father.

Moreover, the foremost concern, today, is one of attention which is diverting to areas detrimental to their perfection. Sure, there will always be issues related to the growing generation but for the most part, that battle is still to be won. Our little ones are no longer suffering from an information deficit; they are justly suffering from attention deficit.