Friday, 20th April, 2018

Kids stunned to see lunar eclipse

01, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The astronomical feat that occurred in India in the form of moon eclipse definitely surprised the kids as it was their first experience with a rare celestial phenomenon. Those who were born after the year of 1982 has got golden opportunity of viewing the blue moon, super moon and total moon eclipse, all in one row unquestionably. Such not earthly sight can now be availed after the year 2037. When the kids viewed this kind of red brownish and bluish moon they started shooting several queries one after another.

Though they read in their science book about the solar eclipse and moon eclipse respectively, direct vision of the moon eclipse developed curiosities. Anyhow they understood that the planet like earth is constantly moving at its own pace that was what they looked at the moon eclipse. Simply they also got to know that the sun’s rays were not falling on the moon thereby it has been darkened for a certain period of time. A blue moon is the second full moon in a month. The moon remained closest over the earth, about 3,59,000 kilometres on Jan 31.

Precisely, a complete moon eclipse takes place when the living planet earth comes in a line between the Sun and the Moon while the earth’s shadow falls on the moon up in the sky. During the full moon eclipse, the sun’s rays partially refracting through the earth’s atmosphere strike the moon. This course gives the white moon a low brown-red appearance. Upon this unique spectacular observation, a group of kids asked why moon also referred as supermoon. They were told that the super moon was an occurrence when the normal moon came into sight about ten percent bigger and a little brighter.

They had undoubtedly learnt a lot about a wholly natural phenomenon in their early lives.