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Khemka Named Mascot of VIP Suitcase & Bags After His 45th Transfer

08, Apr 2015 By oldmanarya

Chandigarh: In an official press release by VIP Suitcase and Bags outside Chandigarh Transport Office headquarter around 6pm today, controversial Haryana IAS Officer Ashok Khemka was named Mascot preferably honest Mascot. It was the last day for Khemka in Haryana’s transport department office after his 45th transfer in 23 years.

This came as a surprise to many than his routine transfer news, especially for suitcase industry. VIP marketing officers liked Khemka’s believe on VIP Bags and its sturdiness for safety of his important documents, which finally paid-off.

Khemka spoke on the occasion and thanked VIP CEO, present on the occasion, for their timely gift of a new VIP bag. He said, “I urgently needed a VIP bag for keeping important clothes, work-papers and proofs against corrupt officials, as the old one was already full. VIP Bags have been keeping all my important clothes, work-papers and proofs for years now without any glitch.”

VIP's Khemka Series Briefcase. To start the career with smaller one and gradually moving to the bigger one.
VIP’s Khemka Series Briefcase. To start the career with smaller one and gradually replacing with the bigger one.

Responding to a reporter question “How does it feel?”, he almost broke into tears saying “I feel the same rush of emotions on this good day, which I felt after cracking IAS exam as nothing good happened after IAS results, than being transferred almost every 6 months.”

Khemka’s wife present on the occasion also thanked VIP for choosing her husband as Mascot above others in the fray. She also recalled how she gifted Khemka a VIP suitcase immediately after he canceled mutation of Robert Vadra’s illegal land deal in Gurgaon, anticipating the difficult path ahead with sudden pick in popularity of her husband post that event. She added, “It made life easier for him amongst all these transfers, making packing fixed number of clothes and increased number of files after every transfer, easy for him”

She also recalled emotionally how everyone in family had mixed feeling after he cracked IAS exam,”They were happy for his success and more worried for his honesty. She broke down in tears saying, “An honest officer is like an unclaimed Frisbee in playground, whoever notices it, tries to throw it as far as possible. My husband has been throw 45 times now and every time to a new unknown department, making his life difficult. The only one to notice his struggle was VIP and I really thanks them for naming him as their Brand Ambassador.”

VIP marketing officers present on the occasion announced to launch Khemka series of VIP Bags & Briefcase for honest officers. They were sure of its success with a belief that many corrupt officers will buy these briefcase to portray them as honest and hide their wrongs under the honest image of Khemka.

Meanwhile, a person was arrested for trying to steal Khemka’s suitcase from the event gauging the value of documents in that suitcase in black market.

Down south in IT Capital, Bangalore, an HR who saw this event live on, made it a mandatory rule for their resources quitting company to work till 5pm on their last working day quoting Khemka’s example.