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Khap Research Lab: Getting Hell or Heaven Is Independent Of Karma

18, Oct 2012 By idiot420

Very soon after giving path breaking “Chowmin theory of rape” Khap panchayats indigenous laboratory “Khap Research Lab” (KRL) came with another eye opener theory. The report explains how a human is predestined to go to heaven or hell, and it doesn’t depends on Karma at all. This theory contradicts popular mythological sayings about good and bad deeds.

The initial draft of the report says “Reality is a dream shared by whole Human Race”. Now combining Inception movie theory & our mythology sayings, you are already in first layer of dream and if you die here you will wake up either in heaven or hell depending where u were actually sleeping. So it proves that your returning back to hell or heaven doesn’t depend on your karma on earth. You were already there, you just returned. So do whatever you want do without fear of hell and heaven . You can either rape,murder or do charity, it’s all your choice.

When we asked Khap Research Lab senior spokesperson about this he replied “we believe in freedom of all act without being biased and we have even proved this both scientifically and philosophically”. For example you can take our “Chowmin theory of rape”, why do you think China tops in population in whole world? it’s just because of Chowmin. Since 1962 war with China and advent of Chinese food in our country population growth rate shooted up. So our reports are not baseless, it has solid factual proofs backing up.

Now the ball is in mango people court and let’s wait and watch how acceptable is this opinion or research report to common mass.