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Kerry likes the Indian Zarda and not the "Kacha Kerri"

31, Jul 2014 By khakshar

The US Secretary of state landed in India for a two day official visit. It is seen as a prelude and preparatory visit of the Secretary before the upcoming visit by Indian Prime Minister to US and the American President’s visit to India.

Mr.Kerry’s statement on eve of his visit of US appreciating  new Indian Government’s “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikash” has generated an euphoria. His statement grabbed  Equal headlines in Indian Media than his visit. However the way “Vikash” was pronounced, most NRI “Vikash” residing in America are contemplating early return to Native land. Section of Indian Media , which prides itself as Liberals commented that it was more of a backhand compliment.

While US believes that  The new Government  has moved slowly on reforms, and its hardening stance at the WTO suggests a more nationalist response on key issues. India and the United States have already clashed at the WTO recently. The Indian Government is still in dilemma as to how much to believe.  the ruling BJP was among authorized targets for the US National Security Agency in 2010.

Mr.Kerry who is nearly 6 foot 5 inches tall stood besides  our own Sushma Ji at the Ministry of External affairs . The picture of course resembled an India Farm lady standing besides the scare crow in here Kitchen Garden .The scare crow can be of immense help in reducing Tomato Prices as much of the wastage is due to birds said a BJP spokesperson.The women employees of MEA whispered to our Minister to use her good offices to persuade Mr. Kerry to pluck the Kerri in the tallest Mango tree in the backyard of Ministry. Knowing the fondness of Indian Wimen towards AaChar , it took some effort from Sushma Ji to chide them off.  Meanwhile  The Wimen in  Media are aghast and have accused Sushma Swaraj of not pursuing the Foreign Secretary enough to achieve something.

It was late in the evening during the Joint Press Address  that  one realized Mr.Kerry’s preference of  ripe Saffron Mango , or “Zarda”. Zarda  also means   Saffron in colloquial Hindi and is the best quality Mango grown only in Champaran and Bhagalpur districts of Bihar.

Meanwhile India and US are fighting it out tooth and nail at Geneva. The Indian  Commerce Minister Ms. Nirmala  Sitharaman  and   US Secretary of Commerce Ms. Penny Pritzker don’t seem to share the same love of food on WTO, Bali agreement.