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Kejriwal to be the *attraction* of Kingfisher Calendar 2015: Mallya

08, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Keep a tab on your heartbeats people, this one is going to rip off what remains of sanity. It may be too good to be true but you can believe it if you can take the word of the king of good times. Yes, readers the king of farzi exposes is going to do it once more and this time it would be for real. The man who rose from the darks of nowhere to the heights of frenzy by exposing every blood and bone creation of god now fearing his own political oblivion has decided to expose himself. And, what way than to be on the cover of the most awaited publication ‘kingfisher calender’.

Mr. Mallaya in an exclusive told Faking News that Arvind Kejriwal approached him for advice regarding how to save his disintegrating party. ‘Sir ji, my party is melting faster than the polar ice caps,what to do, sir ji?’were his exact words to which mr Mallaya suggestion was,”Look Arvind, I too have been through turbulent times. We are all put to test. But, real men always come out of it with flying colors or in my case with chilled beer can. Since you are not very much into a colorful life or chilled beer cans all I can suggest to you is when in doubt go to the beginning. You began with exposes so go for it again.”

Arvind Kejriwal instantly agreed but his next query “Sirji there remains not even a single soul on this planet who has not been exposed by me,” perplexed an already tight for the evening Mallaya. After much deliberations it was decided that Kejriwal would expose himself and mr mallaya would lend him the vehicle, his lustrous yearly calendar.

“Well it would be a less of a revelation but more of revolution. First of all it would bring gender equality to my calendar and would establish kejriwal’s credentials of being a supporter of ‘dignity of labor’. Almost all of his few remaining supporters , fast increasing disgruntled ex-party men and detractors would love to grab a copy of this calendar. Means profit to me and publicity for him. Win- win scenario. And, yes expose is going to be mind blowing ,but, shall not in any manner cross the decency limits. It will be like a ‘U’ certificate kind stuff, but people are gonna love this new experiment. Can’t tell anymore, you will have to buy it,” Mr Mallaya concluded.

Well whatever gets exposed on the cover of the forthcoming Kingfisher calendar the advance orders for it have already begun flowing and all from the khas to aam aadmi are waiting with broom biting curiosity.