Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Kejriwal spotted wearing muffler, weather department officially declares arrival of winter

31, Oct 2014 By Gourav Shukla

Delhi: Every year it becomes very hectic for the weather forecast department to exactly predict the different seasons in various parts of country.

But now there is some relief at least for Delhi,the complexities of forecasting has sort out to some extent.

In a talk with the officer of Weather Forecast Dept. who don’t want to identified said “Before it use to be very laborious and the forecast also not use to be 100% true,but now kejriwal help us to predict it more accurately .when we spot him wearing the muffler(patent of him) then on the very next moment only we officially declare the winter and added that now the only difficulty we face is to predict the temperature of particular day.To resolve it we have filled a RTI query,to get the information about the thickness and quality of muffler he wear so that we can get any help from it “. This step of weather department is also getting good response from the citizen of Delhi.Akhil, a big fan of babuji(aloknath),said “it is a welcome step, now we will easily get the information about when the Winter sale will start .As the cloth companies will now fix the date of sale only after spotting kejriwal wearing muffler”. When asked from the AAP supporter about their views they said ” we appreciate this step and we also demand from Narendra Modi to declare muffler as a national cloth”.

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