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Kejriwal introduces concept of 'School-in-Buses' to end nursery seat drought in Delhi

14, Jan 2014 By Bakasur

Children being punished for not completing their homework in a Delhi School.

In yet another innovative policy move, CM Arvind Kejriwal has introduced the concept of School-in-Buses to eliminate the shortage of good schools in the capital for aam aadmi kids.

The policy has been implemented after a state-wide referendum among nursery aspirants where kids 3-4 years of age were asked to chose between a moving bus and a DPS. 98% of the participants pointed to the moving bus confirming the genius of Kejriwal’s plan.

This is how Kejriwal’s master plan works:

  • Color coded DTC buses carrying students to ply on selected routes across the state.
  • While the children remain on the bus the entire time, the teachers would be picked and dropped from stops named after different subjects.
  • The recess stop will be at Ram Lila Maidan, where Anna Hazare will break his fast with the children’s lunch.
  • The homeless will make way for kids by shifting to the bus top during school hours.

The plan has been hailed by AAP supporters as yet another brilliant and kind-of-a-historic move by the current government.  “This is just a start. We are about to take entire Delhi for a ride.”