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Kejriwal calls Afghan Taliban leader and shares his sympathy in advance

09, Apr 2014 By manithan

Somewhere in AfPak border: The old dusty cellphone was ringing in the table besides the very tall man, who was sitting with his knees folded in a rug carpet.

Beside him, stood two soldiers, whose eyes were the only visible portion of their bodies. The tall, one-eyed man Mohammed Omar was speaking in Arabic, which our reporter could not recognise. Thankfully, we had an interpreter who told the shocking news being uttered from the mouth of the monstrous Taliban chief Mohammed Omar.

After initial talks about decimating America and conquering Europe, with talks of Kashmir being sprinkled here and there, Omar was continuing his usual “Taliban” interview with our reporter. When our reporter was about to leave, he stopped him and asked about one Arvind Kejriwal. Here is this part of conversation:

Omar: “One man called Kejriwal called me and spoke”

Reporter: “What? Kejriwal?”

Omar: “I’m astonished. He spoke in Arabic. He told that he had inspired me and that he supports our movement. I’m so moved.”

Reporter: “Why he had called?”

Omar: “The April 5 Afghanistan election was conducted by the scouthy infidels in our Holy Land. Even, one hell-going woman had told that every vote is a slap in my face. Kejriwal told of that news and expressed his deep sympathies with me. He encouraged me by saying that ‘Every slap should be a clap for your run in the victory lap’. He is so sweet. Though his name sounds a Hindu, he is more sympathetic to me. When you meet him, tell him that I will remember his advice”

Earlier, on April 5, an Afghan Woman had said to press that, “I’m not afraid of Taliban threats, we will die one day anyway. I want my vote to be a slap in the face of the Taliban.”

Our reporter had then hastily left the place and came back to India. Back home, he contacted various reporters and read many news reports of Kejriwal speaking with Sharad Pawar, Shirish Kunder and cricketer Sreesanth. It was then it occured to him that Arvind Kejriwal has in fact called all people who had been slapped. He had even went to the extent of calling Hindi serial women and sympathising them for the slaps they received in previous day episode.

Police investigating the Kejriwal slapper revealed that the young man had watched this interview of Kejriwal before roadshow and had slapped him saying “Dobaara mat poochna”