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Kejriwal asked to investigate Kingfisher Airlines

10, Oct 2012 By generalindia1

After digging into details of many corrupt politicians, employees of Kingfisher Airlines have asked Arvind Kejriwal to investigate in Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. . They have claimed that the cause of the companies downfall is because of some criminal  top management.

“Kingfisher Airlines  was a mode of getting heavy loans,” says Kejriwal. He further claims that the company was used for starting IPL and launching Force India. All the money earned as revenue has been pumped into IPL and formula 1 , even the loan money has been used for these recreational activities. Today employees have been working without pay from the last 7 1/2 months and are still  not assured when they will even get it.

An employees when asked regarding salary replied saying,” last credited salary was three months ago. Everyone is talking about scams and rapes happening in the country. What about the employees of KFA who have been raped from the last one year, no one seems to bother”. Even after all that’s been happening from the last one year the employees have been dedicatedly working but still have not got any assurance from their management.

Kejriwal says that he will do his best and find out the exact reason of the airlines horrible financial condition and also ask banks to follow the path of satyagraha towards the employees in recovering their due loan EMIs.