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Kashmiri separatists hold a rally to break Fevicol Ka Mazboot Jod

17, Apr 2015 By shridhar

Separatists seem to upset with everything that is united. In their latest rally Kasarat Alam demanded that “Fevicol ka mazboot jod” must be broken. As many as 250 supporters gathered in Srinagar to support this cause and they burnt empty Fevicol containers to express their anger.

Separatists Plan: Fisrt will break Fevicol Ka Harr Jod and then will stick Kashmir to Pakistan (map) with the same Fevikol
Separatists Plan: Fisrt will break Fevicol Ka Mazboot Jod and then will stick Kashmir to Pakistan (map) with the same Fevikol

The leader of the Separatist group “Geela-shiqwa-ni” told boistrous crowd, “If we cant even break Fevicol ka jod then how we will be able to break away Kashmir from India! I have been watching these Fevicol ads for many years. I hate all those ads as much as you do. Lets throw stones at it and break it. Let us prove that it is not mazboot and that we can break everything we want.”

Fevicol PR person issued a statement, “From many years people have been trying to break Fevicol ka jod. They have used Elephants, hammers, bulldozers and what not. Nobody has been able to break it. Separatists will not succeeded in breaking anything. So we are not really worried about it.”

Separatists were waving Pakistani flag while protesting. When asked, one agitated supporter told, “Pakistan broke into 2 parts many years ago. Even now it looks like it will break away into many parts. Pakistan is a symbol for fragmenting.” There are many reports that Pakistan has reduced its education budget to fund  separatists in their cause. They have already sent an envoy to help Separatists in this effort.

Whether Kashmiri separatists are good enough to break Fevicol ka Jod only time will tell. One thing is for sure. They won’t be able to break India.