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Kashmiri separatists complain of massive human rights violation during Kashmir floods

10, Sep 2014 By manithan

Srinagar: Kashmiri separatists leaders have expressed their anguish over the alleged human rights violations that had happened on a massive scale during the recent Kashmir floods.

They have also expressed their gratitude to LeT, IM, Al Qaeda and ISIS for helping them in evacuation and for providing aid.

Kashmir stone pelting
Separatists protesting against human rights violation.

Speaking from the terrace of his house, the leader of “Brothers of Azad Kashmir Wilayat Al Arabi Sultans” (BAKWAAS) party, addressed to the crowd, “The oppressive Indian government has planned this floods to bring sorrow upon the freedom fighters and to wreak havoc in our freedom struggle. I’m confident that this flood was brought by the BJP government, so that they can remove us from our homes and install the Kashmiri Pandits in our home. Oh God! What kind of sorrow has our community faced in this infidel land? Army has committed brutal human rights violation by taking away our people to some camps and secretly bringing in the Kashmiri Pandits to our homes.”

After wiping his tears, he continued, “When an Indian army man tries to take you away from flood waters, do not accept his words. Rather, pray to God and you will be saved. I would like to thank ISIS for helping us with 400 crore rupees. I would like to thank al-Qaeda for their rescue efforts and for helping our brothers and sisters with food and medicines. I would like to thank Lashkar-e-Toiba and Indian Mujahideen for braving their lives in helping us rescuing from the floods. Oh Azadis! Do not listen to RSS or the Indian army, who come under the pretext of helping you, but they are cunning people who want to remove you from holy land.”

His speech was considered the bravest speech ever by his associates, as he was delivering it from house surrounded by water on all sides up to height of 8 meters, and he was talking to people who were trying to catch some pole or get into some boat to listen to his speech. Our Faking News team was listening to this from boat opposite to his home.

One of the survivor who was embracing a tall tree, said to us, “There are talks that the fighters have gone to the nearby mountains to talk with our God. I’m sure we will be rescued by him. The Indian army tried to brainwash my neighbors and tricked them into their boats, but I was intelligent enough to escape from them and still clinging on to this tree, until our champion rescuers come from Pakistan.”

Though we were unable to see the “freedom fighters” or “peaceful militants” like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba or ISIS anywhere in the flooded streets, one of their ardent supporter, said, “Don’t you know that the left hand should not know what the right hand does? It is basic tenet of charity. We are not like the colonial Indians who put pics of their so-called rescue missions and brag about it in media. Our fighters also rescue people, but they do not show it outside. They do not come to streets to highlight their noble work. They will be doing all helps from inside their home.”

One of the person who was rescued from water-logged area by Indian Army, was furious,”Did I ask them to take me away from my home? Whatever it may be, we will die in our holy land, rather than being taken away or whatever you call as rescue. Don’t we have our human rights? Can’t we stay in our home and die in our homeland? This is massive human rights violation. All Kashmiris were made to leave their homes and stay in some refugee camps. AFSPA should be revoked and Army should stop taking away people from flood affected areas.” After pausing for a moment, he continued, “But the good thing is, for renovation purpose, the Indian government will bring more stones and it will be fun time for us, once we return back to our places.”

After hearing the “human rights violation”, the Coalition of Justice and Peace has filed litigation against the Indian govt for its human rights violation during Kashmir floods, by forcing people and taking them away from their homes.

Pakistan, Palestine and other Arab countries have moved a resolution in United Nations condemning the massive human rights violation that is alleged to have occurred during the Kashmir Floods under the label of rescuing. Christopher Jafferlot and Martha Nussbaum have started writing books detailing the plight of the innocent Kashmiris being dragged away from flood water by the arrogant Indian Army.