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Kashmir leaders angry over Kashmiri youth not included in militant squads infiltrating India

12, Aug 2013 By manithan

Future Malinga!!

Paunch: It seems J & K leaders are angry on everything nowadays. Right from the attack on innocent stone-pelters & rifle-laden thumb-sucking small youth of their state getting beaten by Armed forces and non-inclusion of Kashmiri Cricket player in Indian cricket team, their leaders are now taking issues more serious. And yes, now they have criticized the Pakistani militants now. In an astonishing news, one leader slammed the LeT and AQ in Twitter, for betraying Azad Kashmiris by not giving their youth a chance in their attacks.

Really angry that Kashmiri youth hadn’t been given a chance to expose their fighting skills. Come on Paki militants, give the young men a chance to prove themselves“, tweeted one youth leader. He continued with two more angry tweets, “Did you really have to take them all the way to Pakistan to demoralize them?? Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to just do it at home???” and “Lalu Prasad can felicitate fake Bin Laden, Govt’s can give clean chits to Ishrat & I’m not supposed to have an opinion about terrorists. SAYS WHO??”. One villager agreed to this, “They recruit a lot of people from here. But rarely, do we see them in News Channels as pencil sketches. I request FullFees Saeed to note this down and include our village boys in their next attacks.”

While this leader was not available for any further comment, our reporter got in touch with another leader. He shouted over the phone, “Kashmiris are separated everywhere. When players are booked for spot fixing bowling attacks, we are booked for fixing spot for bombing attacks. When you can keep people who cannot even throw balls to wickets, why don’t you include our youth, who are expert in stone pelting. Our youth will be aggressive in bowling & fielding. We are sure that we can give Malinga and Jonty a ride.”

Cricket pundits, who analyzed the pics of stone-pelters were astounded by their bowling action. Harsha Bhaagle said enthusiastically, “Note their hand position while delivering the stone, their body dynamics while releasing the stone. If only we could channelize this skill and energy into cricket, we can guarantee 100 pace bowlers soon.” On hearing the view of these cricket pundits, another Hurry-Bath leader chuckled, “Pandits? Are they still alive?” and the phone line went dead.

Meanwhile, BCCI has decided to recruit more Kashmiris into their team. One official who had returned from Srinagar, commented, “We are confused over how Paki militants could recruit so many people there. For the past three days, only three turned out there. But we are confident that we will return again there. After all, Kashmir is just a stone throw away from India!”

And, Kashmiris were surprised by a support from the top brass of ruling party. When asked about this issue, Rahul commented, “Kashmir is in your naan, Kashmir is in your pulav, Kashmir is in your carpet. Kashmir is a state of Pakistan!”

It seems Army men and Police can become like Dhoni soon, after practicing this act for few months. Cool & Catching!