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Kasab to act as Ambassador of Indian Jail Hospitality after Kim Davy Row

13, Jul 2012 By ashutoshk

In a surprising move today after the Government of Denmark refused to appeal in its Supreme Court against a decision of their lower court withholding the extradition of Kim Davy to India on inhuman conditions in Indian Jails, the Indian Government has decided to hold roadshows across the Europe highlighting the hospitality in Indian Jails.

“They have to realize that the government of India recognizes the fact that sooner or later, all indian politicians are going to be regulars in jails, so we have passed bill and law for better living condition. In fact, we have been extending unprecedented hospitality to Kasab, B. Raja, Pamar Singh in the past”, said the minister, who did not wish to be identified. “We have chosen Kasab to showcase our services and living conditions in jails, who can be a better brand-ambassador for indian jails other than him”.

This reporter tried to gather first-hand information about the claims of the minister and probed some high profile cells. When this reporter tried to talk to kasab, he was busy eating biryani and changing channels on his dish TV. Moreover, the mobile phone given to Kasab has only one number which can be dialled, that of Mumbai Police- ATS Helpline. Even in presence of this reporter, Kasab dialed the number and asked for activation of GPRS pack on his mobile to download “angry birds” game.

In Tihar, the reporter was amused to see B. Raja sitting in his cell with his CA and working out some number-crunching on papers, whilst his cell bore all facilities and amenities.