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Karnataka government decides to try constipation pills on Bangalore clouds

20, Jul 2014 By mrbhat

Bangalore. Karnataka government has finally decided to use constipation pills on Bangalore clouds after the city was cloudy for almost fifteen days but didn’t rain.

“This is the best time to use constipation pills, I am sure it works!” quipped one of the minister who requested not to mention his name, “Isn’t this weather behaving like constipation? Endless (cloudy) sensation but no real rain? When is this going to end?” added the minister. Official announcement would be made soon.

Time to condense.

It can be recalled that the Bangaloreans are experiencing a cloudy weather since almost fifteen days and it hasn’t rained much. People are not coming out in the evening expecting a heavy rain.

Meanwhile, this reporter has come to know that the government is trying to procure constipation pills in mass proportion and this would be dropped on clouds in Bangalore city area using techniques similar to cloud seeding.

This reporter talked to few citizens on the issue. “This is a welcome step by the government. My only concern is, there should be enough pills left to citizens for their own use too. City is facing water shortage in many areas. If there are no pills left, what is the use of rain?” said one of the concerned citizens.