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Kapil Sibbal to launch 10 new websites to book train tickets

26, Jan 2013 By Abhishek Sharma

Minister of Communications and Information Technology Mr. Kapil sibbal is about to launch 10 new websites similar to IRCTC, as reported by ‘sources’.

“After launching new IITs,IIMs and even Akash tablets I can’t sit idle and let other ministers get up in “do things differently” race to new administration of Congress party. Elections are closing in and its time,” said Mr. Sibbal.

This action is well received by Indian internet netizens,who would be spending at least 1.30 hours before seeing “REGRET” message every time they try to book tickets.

“Thursday 10.00 is time when I leave all my work and open IRCTC (playing hanuman chalisa in mobile) to book tickets for Friday. But getting a tickets booked is not less difficult than arguing with sir sri sri 10008 Arnab da. I lied to boss of having stomach ache but when thing went wrong I told him truth. He became so emotional and gave special permission  to me. He even congratulated me on getting ticket booked once. Such a sweetu boss.Mr. Sibbal’s decision to open 10 sites  is  a bigger news  even than getting 30% hike,” said an IT MNC employee having almost tears in his eyes.

Talking of these complaints Mr. Sibbal said that there has been ZERO no complaints but if you keep on putting such a non sense questions to me I’ve Manish Tiwari and Digvijay singh’s number on speed dial.

On this report Arvind Kejriwal of “AAM AADMI PARTY ” said that it is one of fraudulent scheme of UPA II like billions before and we are visiting pandits to get a good day for detailed expose.

If  internal sources are to be believed all ten sites will be redirecting to IRCTC itself only difference you will be seeing of FONT or COLOR.