Monday, 19th February, 2018

Juveniles Board recommends "Get out of Jail Free Card"

20, Feb 2013 By NSK

In an innovative recommendation, first in the world, the Juvenile Board on suggestion by the Balatkar Committee has decided to provide “Get out of Jail Free Cards” to its members.

The card will be provided to any Indian Citizen, below the age of 18 ( 19, 20, 21 depending on the bribe given) and can be shown in any leading police station of the nation.

On further enquiry Mr. Shakti Kapur, the President of the board has provided deeper knowledge about its advantages,

“It is more or less like the concept in Monopoly ( a popular board game). The kids can do basically whatever they want and the police cannot arrest them. It’s very simple. Moreover, unlike the Aadhar Card, the issue of this card wouldn’t be tedious. You just need to come to our offices, tell you age, and the card will be issued immediately. We don’t even need your age proof!!”

When our correspondent pointed out the flaw in the idea, the President smiled at us with this reply,  “Do you have anything personal against these kids? They did do something to you?”

In response to this new development, the Khap Panchayats issued a favourable statement claiming that India had finally gained Independence, where every son of India can now roam free, and do anything they desire.

“We also demand that girls stay at home all day and should not walk out of their homes in any condition. For Vitamin D they should drink Bonvita instead of going out for Sunlight.” They added.

Former Haryana CM Chautala has supported the movement saying, “Girls should marry earlier to avoid all this.”

Surprisingly, the General Public has decided to openly condemn this new development, promising to fight fire with fire,

“This time….we will go out…and attack the roads and pavements with Candle Sticks” claimed on such activist.

On the other hand, our correspondent couldn’t get any reaction from the females of India, as most of them are still shocked at the stupidity.