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Justice Katju whips himself outside Nehru residence to protest division of British India

26, Aug 2013 By mukund0511

Inspired by Telugu Desam MLA N. Sivaprasad whipping himself outside the Parliament recently, Press Council of India Chairman Markandey Katju today lodged a similar kind of protest in front of Teen Murti Bhavan – Jawaharlal Nehru’s residence till 1964 – in favor of a ‘Samaikhya-India’ comprising Hindustan and Pakistan.

Justice Katju
Justice Katju

A vociferous pro- ‘British India’ activist, Justice Katju arrived at the venue around 10 AM and instantly drew the attention of curious onlookers and tourists as he prepared himself by pulling out a whip.

At least five hundred of his supporters gathered at the venue by afternoon in a significant show of strength, waving ‘British India’ maps comprising present-day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In a press conference held in the evening, Justice Katju gave enough indications to the media that he may still be living in the pre-independence era.

On why Teen Murti Bhavan, he said, “Nehruji is the tallest and most influential political leader in India today. His residence was a natural choice for venue of protest.“

“However it saddens me that he didn’t even peep out of his balcony through the day, let alone walk downstairs to greet me. I hope he relents soon,” he added, amid widespread guffaws.

Attempts to remind Justice Katju that this is 2013 and not 1947, and that Pakistan has been a separate country for 67 years now went in vain.

Reports say that mid-way through the whipping session, he had even addressed a 30-year old unsuspecting female tourist – Indira Venkatesh of Hyderabad – by her first name, saying both she and her son had a great future ahead of them.

A visibly perplexed Ms. Venkatesh later told our correspondent, “I had never met him earlier but the moment he saw me entering Teen Murti Bhavan with my 3-year old son, he became emotional, called out my name and blessed us both.  It still baffles me as to how he knew my name. Hats off to Justice Katju!”

On his next course of action, Justice Katju said, “I will be submitting a petition to Lord Mountbatten tomorrow urging him not to divide British India on communal lines.”