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Justice Katju confirmed that he is the new Ghajini

25, Jul 2014 By Lakshay

After getting a lot of criticism on the timing of declaration by Justice Markandey Katju about the interference of Central government in judicial matters, Mr. Katju confirmed that though, he didn’t remember it back in Sept 2011 after retiring as a sitting judge, he kept it as a memory and saved it as a photograph as he was suffering from amnesia.

Justice Katju
Justice Katju

He confirmed that he was always scared of declaring it in public because he normally forgets whatever he said after 10 min and declaring it in public would involve a lot of questioning. He also confirmed that he is not sure why people are questioning him about his timing given the fact that it was the UPA government ruling until sometime back and if he would have come  up with a public declaration, he would not have been entitled to any pension benefits.

Only when the BJP government ensured that his pension will be kept intact, he started looking at the old pictures, recollecting all instances in his life and putting them on Facebook. The breakthroughs happened with the Google’s announcement of retiring “Orkut”. Back in 2005, Katju was active on Orkut and he forgot the very fact like everybody else. So, when Google announced that they will stop providing orkut , he realized that he may have kept some memories there.

He checked Orkut and found a picture of a PMO note. He realized that it is something that would require public attention because only after he retired, he realized that people of this country are masters and judicial system is nothing but a servant to them.

He is now shocked to see people’s response about his timing because as he himself said, “It’s not his mistake”. It’s just a memory and he fails to understand why people are not realizing that someone with the age of 67 and amnesia problem, could not have remembered this.