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Juniors shun books during vacations

05, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Cramming the counting table and difficult textbook words for the junior class students have always been a tough task. They are generally never caring to bring improvements in their word power and multiplication table with absolute attentiveness. When they are taken to task by their strict class teachers, they begin to show strong willingness in the completion of their unfinished revision work. They appear to be attentive towards study under the merciless teacher’s unforgiving fear. This is a psychological propensity which cannot be negated altogether.

While cramming one Hindi word, “Anaath” meaning orphan, a St. Joseph’s junior student Saad felt a little bit annoyed as he was constantly remembering this very word from the Class I. He asked his parents when he would get rid of this word. They answered that it would be hard to get relief from the oft-repeated word because of its identification with a certain expression. Whenever the poor related story will be integrated into the course book such common words continue to be found. The little student was unhappy with repetition of the word in the class after class. However, he failed to grasp the peculiar point of repeating one similar word in the textbooks.

The class gets changed but some of the old lessons are not left. New books certainly include materials of preceding class. The course is slowly made tougher just like the medicine dosage. Everything is not changed abruptly. There is ably maintained an ideal balance while adding fresh things in the next upper class. Those students who shirk from the study and lack adequate concentration criticise such useless points merely to prove their plea that the summer vacation is granted for playing not reading. So why should they open the books?

But their disturbing factor is that they lack sufficient concentration even in the normal days and show a tendency to kill time in viewing the cartoon serials. During the summer vacations, they also follow the same trend of denigration and pass enough time in the outdoor games. Therefore they make several pretences to while away time uselessly and find such worthless angles in order to escape from learning their lessons during holidays.